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  August 2018
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DENTRESSANGLE Enters Exclusive Negotiations with BRIDGEPOINT to Acquire Medtech ACTEON

The family investment holding company, DENTRESSANGLE has announced that it is in exclusive discussions with BRIDGEPOINT DEVELOPMENT CAPITAL (BDC), the SMid-Cap business of BRIDGEPOINT, to acquire a majority stake in ACTEON Group, a French medtech company specialized in high-technology dental and medical equipment. ACTEON designs and manufactures high-technology equipment and consumables for the dental sector as well as medical equipment. ACTEON is globally renowned in the field of dental imaging and is a global leader in...

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CE Mark and Health Canada Regulatory Approvals for Datum Dental’s OSSIX Bone

Datum Dental, Ltd, leading provider of OSSIX® brand innovative solutions for bone and tissue regeneration for dentistry, proudly announces major regulatory clearances for OSSIX™ Bone with CE Mark in Europe and Health Canada approval. Powered by the company’s patented clinically proven GLYMATRIX® core technology, OSSIX Bone received FDA clearance in July 2017 and was launched commercially during 3Q2017 in the USA. “This is a significant milestone,” noted Dr. Arie Goldlust, Datum Dental CEO and Co-Founder, “the full GLYMATRIX-based OSSIX line – OSSIX Plus, OSSIX Volumax, and now OSSIX Bone – is available to clinicians across Europe and...

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SpineGuard and Adin Dental Implant Systems Announce the Publication of a Preclinical Study Demonstrating the Potential of DSG® Technology for Dental Implant Placement

SpineGuard, an innovative company that develops and markets instruments designed to secure the placement of surgical implants, has announced together with Adin Dental Implant Systems and its subsidiary, ConfiDent ABC Ltd., the publication of a first pre-clinical article in the peer-reviewed journal: “Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research” which is one of the leading journals in dental implantology worldwide. In this in-vitro study, all implants were placed in the correct position as per CT scanner verification, and no breach of the sinus/nasal floor or buccal/palatine bone plates was...

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Pulpdent Awarded Top Rating from REALITY for ACTIVA BioACTIVE Dental Cement

ACTIVA BioACTIVE-CEMENT, developed by dental research company and manufacturer Pulpdent Corporation, received the top rating from REALITY in the “Resin Cements – Dual-Cured Only – Self-Adhesive” category. REALITY, an online publication that evaluates dental products, has published a review on the bioactive dental cement from Pulpdent Corporation. Some traditional, non-bioactive dental cements can wash away over time, leaving teeth vulnerable to acid attack and additional decay. The result can be painful and costly for patients, who find themselves needing replacement crowns or, if the decay is extensive, a root canal treatment or even a...

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Roland DGA Launches New Technology Upgrade Program

Roland DGA Corporation has teamed up with financing company Geneva Capital to launch a new “Technology Upgrade Program” for Roland customers throughout the U.S. In addition to making easy to qualify for financing a new Roland device, the program allows customers to upgrade to new models in as little as 12 months to remain competitive in an ever-changing business world. Along with the convenient upgrade option, the program offers other benefits to Roland customers, including low monthly payments (OAC), accelerated tax write-offs, short loan terms of three years or less, and the ability to...

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