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  March 2018
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Stryker, Karl Storz Lead U.S. Video and Integrated Operating Room Equipment Market Fueled by Trend towards 4K Devices

A major driver of growth in the U.S. video and integrated OR equipment market is the rising trend towards higher-resolution technology. This trend is particularly prominent in the markets for 4K surgical displays and 4K camera systems which are experiencing high double-digit growth. “Technology in the medical field is expected to have the same functionality as in consumer households,” explains Kamran Zamanian, President and CEO of iData Research. “As a result...

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FDA Expands Treatment Window for Use of the Trevo Clot Retrieval Device In Certain Stroke Patientsl

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today cleared the use of the Trevo clot retrieval device to treat certain stroke patients up to 24 hours after symptom onset, expanding the device’s indication to a broader group of patients. This device is cleared for use as an initial therapy for strokes due to blood clots (also known as an acute ischemic stroke) to reduce paralysis, speech difficulties and other stroke disabilities and only as an addition to treatment with a medication that dissolves blood blots called tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA). The device was previously cleared for use in...

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Swallowable Device Detects Pre-Cancerous Barrett’s Esophagus

Researchers have developed a test for early detection of an esophageal adenocarcinoma precursor lesion that uses a swallowable balloon to collect DNA samples from the bottom of the esophagus, according to a report published in Science Translation Medicine. Early detection can help prevent esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC), however, that has traditionally required an endoscopy, which is both expensive and invasive. Clinicians can use the new ...

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VitalConnect Launches Continuous Patient Monitoring Platform in Hospitals Nationwide

VitalConnect®, Inc., a leader in wearable biosensor technology for wireless monitoring in hospitals and remote patient populations, announced the launch of the Vista Solution™ platform. The Vista Solution platform enables wireless, real-time, continuous patient monitoring, and delivers a seamless feed of patient data that supports timely caregiver analysis in the hospital or at home. The new platform integrates the company’s existing VitalPatch® wearable biosensor, which is the only...

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Aixplorer® and Aixplorer® Ultimate Ultrasound Diagnostic Systems Receive 510(k) Clearance

SuperSonic Imagine, a company specializing in ultrasound medical imaging, announced that the Aixplorer® and Aixplorer® Ultimate ultrasound diagnostic systems have received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as aids to clinical management of patients with liver disease. This additional clearance from the FDA is the only approval of its kind for specific ultrasound imaging capabilities related to liver disease, giving physicians new validated clinical indicators to support using the Aixplorer to non-invasively assess hepatic fibrosis and steatosis. In addition to...

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AAOS 2018 Review from iData – New Integrated Operating Technology Trends

High tech operating room equipment and state of the art imaging equipment played a large role at AAOS 2018. Key orthopedic competitors such as Arthrex and Stryker dedicated large portions of their booths to showing off their latest innovations in the integrated operating room space. Karl Storz featured their 80” Collaborator touchscreen wall mounted display. This first to market screen is capable of displaying dozens of separate feeds and allows healthcare workers to drag each feed using the touchscreen. By simply tapping a feed, the information can be...

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Tandem Diabetes Care and Rubin Medical Announce Agreement for Distribution of Insulin Pump Products in Scandinavia

Tandem Diabetes Care®, Inc, a medical device company and manufacturer of the only touchscreen insulin pumps available in the United States, today announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Rubin Medical to commercialize Tandem’s t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump, insulin cartridges, and t:lock™ family of Infusion Sets in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. “This represents the first pump distribution agreement for Tandem Diabetes Care outside of the United States and is a significant step forward for our...

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